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St Croix Christian Academy

St. Croix Christian Academy

Small School, Big Opportunities, Endless Possibilities.
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Why not check us out? Come and see exactly what St. Croix Christian Academy has offer. Schedule a tour of the campus – someone from admissions will be glad to help you out.

Campus Tour – To schedule a personal tour, email or call our school office at (340) 718-4974.


Request Information – If you would like to know more about the school, please inquire here . It will lay out fee structures, academic breakdown and more.

School Office Hours– Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm


Christ Centered
We believe what will separate Christian Education from General Education is Christ and Christ alone. We hold to the understanding that Christ makes all the difference.
Academically Excellent
Because of the Christ centered focus of education, this drives us as a school to present the very best opportunities to our learners to develop their abilities to a place of excellence. Academic excellence shifts perspective from achieving for myself to achieving for the glory of God.
Morally Responsible
The Bible is the moral compass by which we ought to guide our lives and in the misguided attempts to drive subjective morality into families. We will hold true to the objective moral truths found in the Word, and to teach those truths to the learners.
Socially Dependable
Christianity does not operate in isolation. In fact, we are driven to live social lives not only in church but as examples within the community around us. These social lives are grounded in Christ and His Word, making our learners dependable people within the community in which they live.



St. Croix Christian Academy believe in the holistic development of the student. We strive to create an environment for learners to explore all possible opportunities, through Sports, Cultural and Academic areas.
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St. Croix Christian Academy expects full cooperation from both student and parents in the education of the student. A student who shows repeated behavioral problems will be required to stay after school or be suspended.
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All children attending school must wear school uniform unless otherwise directed by the school. If a child is unable to wear the uniform on any day, an explanatory note must be sent by the parent/guardian.
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About St. Croix

About St. Croix

The purpose of the school is to give children a solid academic foundation, along with effective Christian training.
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